Coming Soon To Your State Capitol!

Meet the authors of this powerful new book and participate in a rally to unite activists and advocates for breakthrough and social reformation.

The Plan

Our plan is to travel to all 50 states in the Union, connecting with local advocacy groups -- and activitsts -- to bring a new unity to the reform movement for sex offender laws. We are using our new book Unprecedented Challenges in America: How Sex Offender Laws Are Impacting Our Nation as the platform for igniting a new level of focus and impact.

The Strategy

Our strategy for funding the Unprecedented Tour of America 2012 is simple: sell 100 copies of the book in each state -- at a volume discount price -- and we will be successful! It's so simple, it's elegant. And you can be a part right now. If you are an advocacy group leader, you can click the button below to place your order. You can then sell the books to your constituents at retail price, or give them away to folks to help build the momentum in your State.


We will be posting travel updates, photos, and maybe even some videos from the road. Please check out the 'Where's Jon?' and 'Photos From the Road' pages for the latest adventures.